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Resource Management Decision-Making Tool (RMDT) Solution

In the world of government budgeting operations, the CFO, Budget Offices, and Program Management Offices of agencies are faced with the challenge of managing resources and making vital decisions on a daily basis. During the budget year of execution where change is constant and the introduction of unplanned requirements happens, the ability to quickly access, analyze, and act on funds information from disparate programs and divisions can mean the difference between success and failure in the accomplishment of mission objectives.  To address and overcome this challenge, IAS has developed the Resource Management Decision-Making Tool (RMDT) as a solution for government agencies to effectively assess, adopt, and adjust funding decisions in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment. The RMDT will improve information handling, streamline processes, and ultimately drive mission success

Product Overview:

The RMDT is an innovative, enterprise-level application designed to transform the way government agencies manage their requirement process flow from development to closeout. The RMDT application maps, links, and integrates your agency’s table of organization, requirements, budget, acquisition planning, contract management, and closeout functions. By consolidating data from various sources, the RMDT provides an all-encompassing dashboard view, acting as a requirements information hub where data is effectively organized and accessible in real time.

Functional Capabilities:

  • Table of Organization and Billet Structure
  • Employee Vacancy and Onboarding Tracking
  • Budget Planning and Spend Plan Development
  • Budget Execution
  • Funds Request Tracking & Distribution
  • Requirements Tracking and Status Display
  • Real-time Status of Funds Dashboard and KPI Visualization
  • Funds What-If Analysis
  • Funds Realignment
  • Contract Funds Expenditures & Invoicing
  • Data Analytics and Dynamic Workflow Process Management

We seek to serve government agencies of all sizes, both on the federal and state levels, looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to improve internal processes, resource management, and decision-making. The RMDT provides a unique network of all information and can be tailored to the needs of each agency.

The RMDT's advanced capabilities provide agencies with the flexibility to track every dollar across programs, divisions, budget line items, and mission functional activities in real-time.  The RMDT offers leaders at all levels of an organization the ability to plan, execute, report, decide on, and adjust resource allocation more efficiently and effectively. Through the RMDT's comprehensive dashboard and KPI’s, decision makers can gain insights into the needs of their organization. This visibility into resources and funds information allows leaders to make informed decisions quickly and accurately that align with their mission objectives. The application also integrates seamlessly with existing financial systems, providing a single source of truth for agencies. With the RMDT, agencies stay ahead of their budgets and ensure every dollar is being spent in the most efficient way possible.


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Added Value and Advantages:

The RMDT is projected to generate significant savings for government agencies in terms of time and resources, resulting in improved efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately better mission outcomes. The RMDT addresses common pain points in the government sector, leading to a substantial return on investment.


Tailored for the unique needs of government agencies, ensuring a seamless fit with operational structures.

Streamlined data gathering and organization reduces valuable time spent on these tasks while increasing productivity.

Real-time insights enable better-informed decision-making leading to improved organizational performance.

A centralized information hub simplifies the user experience and facilitates collaboration across departments and teams.



The RMDT is poised to change the landscape of resource management and decision-making in government agencies. This unique tool aids government agencies in effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars so they can fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the public effectively. By providing an all-in-one solution that effectively consolidates data and streamlines workflows, the RMDT offers significant advantages in terms of relevance, efficiency, and ease of use for government organizations. As agencies strive to continually improve internal processes and achieve mission success, the RMDT is an invaluable tool that will enable them to innovate, adapt, and excel.

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