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We Bridge the Gaps between your Budget, Requirement Needs, Acquisition Process and Success!

IAS provides the management and insight on the entire requirements process from inception to closeout. This enables decision makers on all levels to be more informed about the status of their organization’s needs and how resources are allocated. Thus, ensuring that better financial and operational decisions are made to achieve the organization’s mission objectives.
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About IAS

Our Competitive Edge

IAS combines analytical and critical thinking skills with risk mitigation and predictive analysis methods in order to find the right solutions that solve a problem, makes a difference and improves efficiencies and effectiveness. IAS strives to be an added-value service provider. We take the best of both worlds in technical and management knowledge and fusses them with proven experience to develop and provide the right solution for a problem while remaining on time and within budget. This holistic approach provides measurable results that ensure our customer’s success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional services and innovative solutions which ensure our customers are successful in accomplishing their goals and objectives!

Our Management Principles

  • Care About our Customer’s Success

  • Create an Environment That Fosters Innovative Solutions

  • Implement Kaizen Principle (Continuous Improvement) into Our Corporate Culture

  • Produce Results That Makes a Difference

  • Provide Measurable Performance Metrics

  • Provide Total Customer Satisfaction

  • Recognize that Quality Employees are Our Most Valued Assets

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